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24 Hour Sewer Repair

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Common Sewer Line Problems
Most outside sewer lines are susceptible to growth of roots from trees and bushes. In the Chicagoland area most sewers are comprised of clay which comes in segments that are only 24″ inches long. These segments allow roots to enter every 2-feet. Once roots have infiltrated the sewer line they can and do typically expand to fill the entire 6″ space.

Since sewer lines waste, they are a fantastic source of water and nourishment for the vegetation that grows nearby. Roots can penetrate through the sewer line and grow into it, in turn causing obstruction of the flow of waste water. When this obstruction clogs the entire sewer line, waste water has no where to go except to backup inside the home.

What is Rodding?

Rodding the sewer lines entails cleaning the inside of the sewer lines with specially designed rodding machine. This machine has sharp metal blades that spin on a heavy-duty cable, used for cutting through roots from trees and bushes.

Rodding is done from an access point to the sewer line. The access can be inside the house (via a clean-out or pulling a toilet if no cleanout is available) or outside the house (via a flood control system, a clean-out, or a catch basin).

Problem: Misaligned Sewer. (Clay tile piping.)

Once we fully separated sewer line, line was packed with grease as well.

Solution: Remove section of broken & separated clay time piping and replace with Schedule 40 PVC. Also install cleanout riser for future rodding access to remaining clay tile sewer line.

Problem: Extensive root intrusions.

Solution: Remove damaged pipe, replace with PVC, and install new cleanout station.

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