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Basement Waterproofing

Is your Basement safe from water?

Sump Pump Pits

Your sump pump is installed in a specially constructed sump pit or basin. Water flows into the sump pit through underground drain tile lines, seepage pipe, or by natural water migration through the soil. When these pits begin to break down, your sump pump can be in danger. If a sump pump sucks up a rock or too much mud, it can and will lock up the motor causing the pump to fail. Another common issue is sump pump pits that are too small for the basement/home size. A small pit will cause the sump pump to short-cycle, not pump efficiently, and in-turn greatly shortens the life expectancy of the pump.

Wagner Family Plumbing can evaluate your basement and home’s needs to determine if your pit is in good shape and if it is the right size for your home!

Drain Tile & Water Management

Drain tile is the piping that runs alongside your foundation wall and in your window wells to catch and direct ground/rain water away from your foundation and footing and into your sump pump pit. Over time, drain tile can collapse if piping is corrugated plastic or clay tile. It can also become blocked with mud, debris, and gravel. If any of these things happen, water will not make it into your sump pit. It will sit along your foundation walls and cause cracks and in some cases flooding through the walls, window wells, or through the floor.

Basement crack repair will not solve the problem if water is still sitting along your home’s foundation.

Wagner Family Plumbing can evaluate your situation and offer you a permanent solution for your waterproofing needs. We like to call it water management!