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Q: My gas LOWBOY water heater in the crawl space isn’t working, and I’ve been told they’re no longer available. I’m facing a recommendation for a tankless system costing over $3000. What are my options?

A: Your best course of action is to opt for a suitable electric water heater replacement. Wagner Family Plumbing offers Bradford White 40 and 50-gallon electric lowboy water heaters. Opting for the 50-gallon model is advisable since electric heaters have longer recovery times compared to gas models. Additionally, we can arrange for an electrician to install the necessary electrical connections for your new lowboy water heater.

Q: Our sump pump stopped working because the discharge hose froze solid, leading to a flooded basement and significant water damage. How can we prevent this from happening again next winter?

A: To prevent your sump pump from failing in freezing conditions, ensure that you’re not using a flexible discharge hose. If you have one installed, disconnect it immediately to prevent ice blockages. It’s preferable to allow water to flow near your foundation outside than risk basement flooding. Contact Wagner Family Plumbing for long-term solutions to this issue.

Q: What steps should I take if my pipes freeze? I realized there might be an issue when I turned on the faucet and no water came out.

A: In case of frozen pipes, act quickly to minimize potential damage.

  • Attempt to warm the area where the pipes are located by bringing them into contact with the heat from your home, such as opening ceiling tiles if you have a drop ceiling.
  • Employ a heat gun with caution to avoid igniting nearby combustible materials.
  • Avoid using torches as a thawing method.
  • Applying warm, damp cloths to the pipes can gradually thaw them.

Q: What should I do if a pipe bursts or breaks while I’m attempting to thaw it?
A: Immediately turn off the water at your home’s main shut-off valve and contact Wagner Family Plumbing for urgent assistance.