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When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, a gleaming new floor, a calming bathtub, a walk-in shower and an attractive vanity are just a few of the possibilities that come to mind. But there are certainly many other benefits to consider. This is your opportunity to make some significant changes, from updating the layout of your bathroom to ensuring your living spaces remain in good condition.

As part of the Bathroom Remodeling Charter Grove IL process, the professionals from 1st Response Plumbing & Drain will be evaluating areas you might not usually think about. For instance, the spaces behind the toilet and below the sink, as well as behind the walls and underneath the floor. Some varieties of plumbing pipes can be vulnerable to corrosion, wood can start rotting, and floors can become uneven over the years.

Bathroom Remodeling Charter Grove IL

Bathroom Remodeling Charter Grove IL

There’s also the issue of mold spores to watch out for. Locating these problems can seem like an obstacle. But the good news is that our reliable remodeling team will be available to do repairs and prevent any other damage.

Optimize Your Space

You’re probably well accustomed to the layout of your bathroom. Yet are you truly getting the most function from the space? A Bathroom Remodeling Charter Grove IL is the perfect chance to reconfigure. Maybe you don’t use the bathtub often? In that case, it might be time to remove it so you can create a larger shower. Perhaps the door takes up too much room. Replace it with a convenient pocket door instead! Even there’s nothing about it that you are particularly unhappy with, our remodel team can recommend ways to achieve a more spacious and useful bathroom.

Transform the Bathroom into a Sanctuary

Most bathrooms tend to be a pretty practical space in the house, except it doesn’t need to be that way necessarily. Your Bathroom Remodeling Charter Grove IL gives you an excellent opportunity to turn it into a welcoming oasis. Refresh the feel and appearance with tilework in a peaceful color scheme and the type of finish you like. Brighten up the space with white paint or even a larger window. A new sink, vanity and toilet can complete the upgrade. Each of these elements can blend together to create a comfortable place you can escape to.

A “Greener” Bathroom

If you’re planning Bathroom Remodeling Charter Grove IL, it’s probably been some time since it’s last updating. Efforts toward better energy efficiencies have made a lot of progress over the years. What used to be viewed as “low flow” toilets and showers are far more reliable than they were years ago. Installing an efficient showerhead, for instance, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on performance. And with innovative vacuum technologies, some toilets use even less water than ever before.A dual flushing toilet in another good way to reduce water consumption. Integrating these fixtures with your remodeling project doesn’t only mean you’re being kind to the environment. You just might see a lower water bill.

Bathroom Remodeling Charter Grove IL

Turn Back the Clock On Wear and Tear

Bathrooms in an active household get lots of traffic, especially when there are young children using it daily. Whether it’s cracks on the tiles, a toilet prone to backing up, or clogged plumbing pipes, a remodel is a chance to clear those elements out and start over with a clean slate. Are you interested in getting the most from your Bathroom Remodeling Charter Grove IL? Schedule a consultation with 1st Response Plumbing & Drain! We can begin making goals into a reality!

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