Battery Backup Systems

Lose Power and you could be in trouble!

Basement flooding is most often caused by; a power outage, a failed primary sump pump, a stuck float switch or an under-sized sump pump that cannot keep up with the inflow of water. By using a battery backup sump pump your basement (and precious belongings) will stand a much better chance of remaining dry. Below we have comprised a list of the most popular battery backup sump pump systems available in the Chicgaoland area. Wagner Family Plumbing & Drain does not recommend Aquanots, Basement Watchdogs, Ace in the Holes, or water-powered backup pumps as they are not adequate for most homes. We do recommend products by Blue Angel, SumpPro, and Tramco which in our extensive experience with flooded basements have proved themselves to be far superior to many of the products below. In fact, the majority of failed battery back-up systems we pull out of our new customer’s flooded basements are Basement Watchdogs and Ace-in-the-Holes!