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Ejector Pumps

Ejector Pumps (Sewer Grinder Pumps)

Ejector pumps (sewage grinder pumps) are required where sewage cannot flow to the main sewer line by means of gravity.

If you have plumbing fixtures and drains below your sewer main, then chances are you have an ejector pit and pump. Ejector pumps are also sometimes referred to as waste-grinding pumps. Ejector pumps typically handle wastewater from laundry, water softeners, basement floor drains, air conditioning condensation, furnace humidifiers, as well as bathrooms in basements. If you are experiencing a clogged floor drain, it could be your ejector pump has failed!

Preferred Products
Zoeller 1/2HP 2” Ejector Pump:

3-Year Warranty
5-7 Year Life Expectancy

Zoeller 1/2HP Heavy Duty 2” Ejector Pump:

3-Year Warranty
7-10 Year Life Expectancy

Tramco 2” Ejector Pump:

10-Year Warranty
20-30 Year Life Expectancy