Sewer Repair and Installation

At Wagner Family Plumbing, we offer a range of professional sewer repair options for our residential and commercial customers. We are ready to effectively handle your situation at competitive pricing! Count on our plumbers to provide the expert sewer line repair your property requires.

We’ll ensure your drains are completely free of grease, debris, invasive root growth and other materials that can build up and impede reliable flow.

If you’re a home or commercial building owner experiencing problems with your sewer line call Wagner Family Plumbing at 866-343-7473. We’ll dispatch our sewer line repair experts to your location promptly.

Some of the issues that our service techs will inspect for include:

-Identifying and determining the location of leaks in the sewer line, or if a section of the line is collapsed.
-Check all sewer lines and drains.
-Invasive tree and plant roots

Signs you should contact for sewer repair due to damage or obstructions in the line include:

-Water backs up in your toilets after flushing, or in your showers and tubs. This indicates that proper drainage is not occurring. Another warning sign is if the toilet makes gurgling noises after flushing or when your turn on the bathroom sink faucet.

-If you detect foul odors coming from sewage drains in your home, it’s another sure sign of an obstruction somewhere in the system. Delaying sewer repairs will only enable the blockage and the odors to get worsen, so don’t hesitate to call Wagner for sewer repair.

-Multiple fixtures backing up. This is another recurrent sign of a sewer line that requires professional repair. Because toilets usually have a direct line to the sewer system and the largest drain, they’re typically the first place where you’ll notice signs of clog.

In addition to sewer repair, we also provide professional sewer installation. If you’re planning to build a home or do major renovations that will require new sewer lines and drains give us call for a free estimate on new sewer system installation.

Call Wagner Family Plumbing for professional Sewer Repair and Installation today! For a free estimate, to schedule service, or for emergency services 24/7 call us at 866-343-7473.


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