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When you consider how often a typical household uses the shower, you can see why they are such an essential plumbing component, especially when there is a single shower being used by several members of a large family. In fact, with the possible exception of the kitchen, bathrooms are among the most used spaces in the majority of homes. The shower is one of the more frequently used features of most any bathroom, meaning it is absolutely essential to keep it in good working order.

Unfortunately, since they get so much usage, the plumbing components in bathrooms and the other elements that connect to the shower are subject to a lot of wear over time, which highlights the importance of maintenance and the occasional Shower Repair New Lebanon IL.

Shower Repair New Lebanon IL

Shower Repair New Lebanon IL

Without scheduling these repairs, the shower could eventually cease functioning properly and break down. If that happens, it not only poses a major disruption for your household, but also could put your home at the risk of a plumbing emergency like flooding.

Signs You Need Shower Repairs
While a shower that suddenly breaks down and becomes unusable can pose a serious inconvenience to any household, there are some ways homeowners you can prevent this from occurring. The most important step in preventing a disaster is being aware of the warning signs that you need Shower Repair New Lebanon IL so our plumbers can promptly fix clogs and other problems before they escalate.

If you notice one or more of the following, call our local company right away for Shower Repair New Lebanon IL:

Shower Water Shows Discoloration
If you’re noticing any degree of discoloration or unusual tint to the shower water, contact 1st Response Plumbing & Drain for Shower Repair New Lebanon IL. If the water looks yellow, orange or brownish, this indicates rust in your plumbing pipes. If only a minor amount of rust breaks off from a pipe and taints your water, it probably won’t be noticeable and is probably nothing to worry about right away. However, if you notice severe pigmentation in the shower water, it’s usually a sign of pipe corrosion.

If you spot this, run the water for a few minutes to see if it clears up. Pipes that don’t get a lot of use will sometimes need some more time to clear away rust and other buildup. If the discolored water keeps flowing, however, it’s best to call a plumber to replace the rusty pipes that connect to your shower.

Shower Repair New Lebanon IL

Weak Water Pressure
Another potential warning sign is an abrupt decline in your shower’s water pressure. There can be various reasons for decreasing pressure, and some are not necessarily an immediate cause for concern, like a mineral buildup or if several appliances are being used at the same time. Others, though, can be more urgent, such as a leaking pipe.

If it is simply a mineral buildup, you’ll be able to spot the mineral deposits clogging the showerhead. When that’s the case, simply use a cleaning product to break down and remove the buildup. If there aren’t any visible mineral buildups when you inspect the shower head yet the weak pressure continues, the problem may be deeper in the plumbing system.

If there is pipe leaking, you might hear a trickling noise within the walls when the shower is being used. But whether or not you detect this telltale noise, if you are not sure of what’s causing the drop in your water pressure, contact our company for Shower Repair New Lebanon IL.


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